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Re: debian upgrade mess

Joey Hess wrote
> Chris Palmer wrote:
> > Should I now abandon the settings in dselect and no longer run
> > it?  I had attempted to flag things that I wanted to add to my
> > system in there (and I have no idea what they were now).
> There's absolutely nothing wrong with using dselect. Just learn to use
> the "R" and "Q" keys if a dependancy conflict causes dselect to want to
> remove packages that you need, and file bugs in these cases so we can
> know about them.

Hey, I just have to say the "G" key is really cool, too.  I went
into dselect and used it gratuitously on everything and got my
package lists sync'd between dselect and apt-get.  It looks like
I had a bunch of stuff marked for removal that had not yet been

Thanks for your help!  If I get into a problem with dselect or
package dependencies, I know to get it reported now.  I've been 
running Debian since v1.2 but I've never been part of the 
Debian community til now...  :)

ok...  I've just completed an "apt-get upgrade", and now I see
I get the same results displayed (0 to upgrade/install/remove) 
for all of the variants (-s to just see what would happen without 
changing anything on the system):

#apt-get -s upgrade
#apt-get -s dist-upgrade
#apt-get -s dselect-upgrade

Woohoo!  I think I've got my packages straight again.  Now I
just have to compile that 2.2.12 kernel source I just downloaded
to fix Samba and then apply the VPN-Masq patch.  :)

Thanks to everyone that responded and helped, especially KMSelf!


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