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Re: debian upgrade mess

Chris Palmer wrote:
> ok, so I've heard now from a couple folks that I should avoid
> dselect.  It's pretty much been the only way that I'd ever done
> any package maintenance on my system (I guess I'm behind the
> times).  It's also the only way I've know about availability of
> packages, and it was cool that I could just flag them.
> Should I now abandon the settings in dselect and no longer run
> it?  I had attempted to flag things that I wanted to add to my
> system in there (and I have no idea what they were now).

There's absolutely nothing wrong with using dselect. Just learn to use
the "R" and "Q" keys if a dependancy conflict causes dselect to want to
remove packages that you need, and file bugs in these cases so we can
know about them.

Dselect is a very useful tool, just because a lot of current debian
users have not invested the time to feel comfortable with it does not
mean you should follow their bad advice.

see shy jo

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