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Re: Woody Libc5/6

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 10:42:07AM +0800, Corey Popelier wrote:
> What's with the tendency all of a sudden for Woody packages to be
> dependent on Libc5? Only reason I noticed this was I've always avoided
> installing Libc5, but in the past few days more and more packages have
> become dependent on it, limiting my options somewhat :)
> Anyone know the reason for this? It's more curiosity than anything else I
> admit.

The ones i've noticed have all depended on xpm4.7, which depends on
libc5. "apt-get --compile source foobar" seems to create a package
without that dependency, at least as long as xpm4.7 isn't installed on
my machine.

Of course, the proper fix is to file a bug so the maintainer can fix it
for everyone. But check the BTS first and make sure someone hasn't
beaten you to it!

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