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I just want to thank everyone (Alson van der Meulen, Krzys Majewski,
Tilton, Ron Golan, Kevin A. Foss)[1] who replied to my post regarding my
problems with the 3Com 3c905B NICs.

While I was unable to get the 3Com NICs working the way I wanted to, I
decided to stick with the D-Link 530-TX+ NICs that I bought (thinking
that the 3Com NICs were defective). I cannot return the D-Link NICs that
I bought, so I am keeping them instead.

The problem turns out is that Rogers@Home has memorized the MAC address
of the Sohoware NDC 10/100 NIC that I have been using for the last 3
months or so. I doubt that all of the 3Com NICs were bad, although one
was suspicious! No amount of power-cycling the Terayon cable modem has
fixed the problem. But now that I have my internal network working fine,
I am back in business.

Thanks also to all the people who wrote regarding hardware
recommendations for my new system.

I want to thank everyone who replied. The level of help, friendliness
and support extended by the people on this list is unsurpassed in its
generosity, quality and timeliness. I think this list should serve as a
model for how true community-based support should work.

debian-user rocks!



[1]  If I have missed anyone's name, I apologize for that. Your help was

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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