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Re: Creating Debian image for installfests

on Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 01:51:03AM -0500, Jesse Goerz (jgoerz@linuxfreemail.com) wrote:
> Our local LUG is doing installfests once a month and it seems I'm the only 
> Debian user in the whole bunch (the damn heretics!;-)
> I would like to get some advice on this:
> I'm trying to create a bare bones system with all the things a new Linux user 
> would be semi-familiar with.  (i.e. Netscape, KDE2 desktop, etc.) Is it 
> possible to install the above on a machine, and then do:
> dpkg --get-selections
> >From that output, create a cdrom which is a Debian install CD with
> >only those packages?
> What I'm getting at is basically a Debian 2.2r0 binary 1 disc with all the 
> stuff I wouldn't be using stripped out and the extras added in (like 
> netscape, kde2, etc.)  I could then just burn a whole bunch and just give 
> them to the folks (licensing issues for stuff that may fall into non-free?).  
> I've already created an apt-getable cd-rom with the kde2 stuff so I 
> understand how to do that.  What I'm having difficulty with is what to strip 
> out and what not to.  Perhaps a script to rm everything EXCEPT what is from 
> dpkg --get-selections?  Is this possible?  Am I on the right track?
> I really have to do this because the rpm guys in my LUG are all bragging up 
> that they have kde2 already up on their systems.  (I've had it up since Ivan 
> put out the first packages!  God bless apt!)  Plus I want to blow them all 
> away with how easy Debian's PM is to use.   I must have converts;-)

I'd look at making a local Debian mirror of the distro(s) you plan to
support installation of (I'd stick with Potato, personally).  Provide
network support.  You can distribute your apt-get --get-selections list
to people who want a more-or-less quickstart installation, which
mirroring the full archive means you can let people tailor their own
config if they want.  Far preferable to distributing a bunch of CDs, and
generally faster.

I thought Rick Moen had a LinuxMafia post regarding setting this kind of
stuff up -- I *know* I've seen him post on this topic before -- he's
bcc'd in the event he can trigger my grey matter with a link.  Spent a
couple hours reading through his stuff Friday night (try "rick moen
linuxmafia" at Google).

See also refs on setting up your own debian mirror.

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