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Creating Debian image for installfests

Our local LUG is doing installfests once a month and it seems I'm the only 
Debian user in the whole bunch (the damn heretics!;-)

I would like to get some advice on this:

I'm trying to create a bare bones system with all the things a new Linux user 
would be semi-familiar with.  (i.e. Netscape, KDE2 desktop, etc.) Is it 
possible to install the above on a machine, and then do:

dpkg --get-selections

>From that output, create a cdrom which is a Debian install CD with only those 

What I'm getting at is basically a Debian 2.2r0 binary 1 disc with all the 
stuff I wouldn't be using stripped out and the extras added in (like 
netscape, kde2, etc.)  I could then just burn a whole bunch and just give 
them to the folks (licensing issues for stuff that may fall into non-free?).  
I've already created an apt-getable cd-rom with the kde2 stuff so I 
understand how to do that.  What I'm having difficulty with is what to strip 
out and what not to.  Perhaps a script to rm everything EXCEPT what is from 
dpkg --get-selections?  Is this possible?  Am I on the right track?

I really have to do this because the rpm guys in my LUG are all bragging up 
that they have kde2 already up on their systems.  (I've had it up since Ivan 
put out the first packages!  God bless apt!)  Plus I want to blow them all 
away with how easy Debian's PM is to use.   I must have converts;-)

Heard from a lone Debian user at his local LUG meeting:
What do you mean I have to install it in a certain order and what the hell is 
a dependency?

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