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exim masquerading problems

I have my exim.conf set up like this:

qualify_domain = linux.wku

local_domains = localhost

local_domains was set to 'localhost:linux.wku.edu', but since I often send mail
to other people and lists on linux.wku.edu, I removed it.

Basically, all of this worked fine, but this morning I recieved an email from
the admin of linux.wku.edu who had kindly forwarded a message that debconf had
apparently intended for me, but it was sent to root@linux.wku.edu.  I found
that odd, since I figured debconf would just send it locally and my neither my
/etc/hosts nor /etc/hostname contain the string 'linux.wku.edu'.

What do I need to do to prevent this from happening in the future? 


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