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Re: System.map

"Robert A. Jacobs" <r.a.jacobs@home.com> writes:
> Just kinda curious...how important is it to place the new System.map file (created when you compiled a new kernel) in the /boot directory?  I have compiled a number of kernels and, after looking at this discussion, I checked my /boot directory to see if I had moved my System.map file after the last compile.  I have not.
> I have noticed no ill effects.
> What potential problems am I opening myself up to here?

AFAIK the System.map just provides symbols for debugging kernel problems. 
Sometimes I don't  have one and I get some junk  spewed on the console
at boot,  but that's  it. (Moreover, since  my machine  apm --suspend's
when not in use, rebooting happens rarely.)

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