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Re: Setting up SMTP and POP servers - QMail or what?

Robin Collins <robin@robinsc.demon.co.uk> writes:

> Up till now I've shyed away from implmenting mail on my Linux boxes,
> it seems so complicated and my nice friendly (!) Windows POP3 clients
> seem generally far easier to use.  However, I've now gone back to an ISP (Demon) which tries to deliver
> mail using SMTP, the only ISP I've ever had where this is an option.
> It therefore seems time for me to get to grips with this-here Linux
> mail stuff.
> I still need to retain POP3 client access to other mailboxes, so at
> present I'm thinking that from the vast array of MTAs, MUAs (etc.
> etc.) these seem to fit the bill for me:
> 1) QMAIL - 'cos it's also a POP server, meaning I can revert to my
> Windows clients if I fail to find a Linux one I likt.


> 2) FETCHMAIL - to get my mail from other ISPs.


> As far as I can see QMAIL will receive my Demon mail via SMTP and
> FETCHMAIL can go off to my other ISPs and get the mail there and wack
> it into QMAIL, so I have all my mail ready for reading via POP.

not exactly

> Will this work like I think it will?  Will QMAIL act as an SMTP server
> to deliver mail I send out, meaning I won't have to use an ISP's SMTP
> server?

sending: MUA > qmail/sendmail > [isp smarthost > ] other mail smtp server
receiving: fetchmail with pop3 server > [qmail >] mbox > MUA

i think []'s are optional steps

> Sorry if this are naive questions, but even after reading a _lot_ of
> HOWTOs, READMEs etc. I find the whole area of Linux mail systems
> pretty much impenetrable :)

yep, i learned it sort of by making my own MTA like qmail ;)

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