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Re: HELP!!!

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 10:08:28AM -0500, urbanyon wrote:
> hi again,
> thanks for all of your help so far-
> i've gotten to the point where i need to 'install' the driver.  the 3com
> instructions read:

> # insmod 3c90x
> and got this message:
> ./3c90x.0: kernel-module version mismatch
> 	./3c90x.o was compiled for kernel version 2.2.12-20
> 	while this kernel is version 2.2.12

precompiled kernel modules are totally bogus, modules are only
reliable if compiled with your kernel and its configuration.  

> so now i'm stuck again (although this error message is SO much friendlier
> than anything i've ever seen in windows).
> any thoughts?  if there's a url for a driver, please send it along.  if
> you want to email me the driver directly (i don't even know if that's a
> good idea, but it sounds okay), please send it brett@brettsinger.com.

i am puzzeled as to why you need this module, why not use the one in
the kernel sources, i have not ever had problems with it on 905
cards.  (its the vortex driver in the 3com section) 

if for some reason the version in the kernel is obsolete (even in
2.2.17?) does 3com provide the source code to thier version?  if so
you can replace the kernel source file with thiers and rebuild your
kernel.  but i really doubt that is necessary.

Ethan Benson

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