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Network printing issues...

Hello everybody...

...facing the fact that a friendly guy provided me with quite some nice laser printer (Brother HL-1240) to fit into my small LAN, I am now more or less for the first time dealing with the issues of network printing.
How things are:
'Server': 486DX-40 box running potato and lprng, installed and configured the system through magicfilter to use the ljet2p driver, and the printer works fine this way.
Clients: Three different machines in the local network running potato and Mandrake 7.1, their names (known to the server's /etc/hosts) are entered into /etc/hosts.equiv, and in the local /etc/printcap 's, the remote printer queue is set up & ready to run. Trying to do 'any' print-out to the remote printer ends up with - nothing. No error message, no message in any of the servers log files, no jobs in the printer queue, no print. 
Can anyone give me a hint what I might have missed in my configuration to get this thing done? :))

Thanks in advance, have a fine sunday everybody... :)


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 Kristian Rink
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