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Re: Gnome Web Links

Jeff Hornsberger <jhornsbe@csc.uvic.ca> writes:

> Hi, I used to use RedHat and Helix Gnome before switching to
> Debian. In my RH/Helix environment I could drag a web link from
> mozilla or netscape onto the desktop to create a handy internet link
> that would bring up netscape when I double-clicked on it and load the
> referenced page. Since switching to Debian this no longer works, now
> when I drag a web link onto the desktop it just creates a file with a
> really strange name like urfoZDShW or something. Does anyone know what
> configuration I have to do to get gnome to create the handy web links
> for me? I am now using Debian Gnome, not Helix Gnome. Thanks. -Jeff

Presumably, like me you are suffering from a problem the gmc package
has with the glibc version 2.2 (well, this keeps going on from glibc
2.1.xy, I posted a bug report already at this time, but without any
reaction from the maintainers). If you can't change any icons on your
desktop, this is your problem. Anyway, the file with that strange name
*is* the wanted web link, only that Gnome won't recognize it as such.

For me it worked to compile gmc from the sources. If you've got a `deb
src' line in your sources.list, you can do a `apt-get --compile
source gmc', which will do that automagically, under condition that
you have all needed -dev packages installed. Of course this is not a
convenient or desireable solution, since the next mc upgrade (there
was a lot of them lately) will force you to repeat the compile if you
don't want to hold back the upgrade of all mc packages.

If you have the same problem as I described, please write a bug report
against gmc.


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