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Re: Network config

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 11:11:02AM +0800, Gilbert.Li (§õ«Â¾§) wrote: 

1. I am reading te list so there is no need to send me a private mail
2. Please start to write at the beginning of a line. Your mails are
very hard to read.

> > What do you mean? Are you talking about a driver, which is not in the
> > kernel source-tree? You compile it and load the module via insmod or
> > modprobe.
> > Phil
>          The kernel source-tree have the network driver I need.
>          When I make menuconfig, I select built-in option for my network
> driver.
>          I don't use a module driver for my network card. I use built-in
> driver. I don't really think
>          I need insmod and modprobe, because the drivers is built-in in the
> kernel.

Ok, sure there is a driver in the kernel-tree but you should under all
circumstances try to compile the driver as a module because you can
load and unload it this way and not have to reboot every time you try
to set up your network.

>          And it seemed that kernel can detect my card. 
> $cat /proc/pci

That does not mean, that the kernel detects your card but the the
PCI-system does.
What do your logfiles report while booting?
What type of card do you have and what driver did you select?

>       Is that possible this driver didn't  support built-in option. I can
> use this driver when I 
>       use it as a module. I will work fine. But when I compile it as a
> built-in driver, I want 
>       to know what should I do to make it work.  I tried to use
> /etc/network/interfaces and 
>       ifup and still didn't work. Please help me. Thanks. 

It's really simple and very well described in the Ethernet-HOWTO.
You compile the module. Yes, make it a module and not what you refer
to as a "built in"-driver.
Then you can load it. Check /var/log/messages or syslog to see if
everything was ok. Then you can start to set it up with ifup or add
the correct entrys to /etc/network/interfaces.

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