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Re: Postscript printers

I have 4 HP Jetdirects at work - they're truely sexy.

Theres also a Lantronix print server which was legacy... it lacks syslog support, so when users tell me its not working I have to go run special software. The jetdirects all log to loghost, which I have displayed on an old serial terminal.

Its great to be able to fix problems before the users report them.... thats the mark of a good network.

OKI lasers are (were) all rip-offs of HPs anyway.

At 11:58 PM 11/18/00 +0100, you wrote:
> The 12i/n does speak TCP/IP too. I think it is really cool to connect
> to my printer's ftp-server ;)

Hey, does it also have a builtin webserver? :)


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