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Re: Last woody upgrade = chaos?!

Alson van der Meulen <alsonm@linuxfreak.com> wrote:

> > Several packages, which seem to use networking functions are now broken:
> > 
> > - syslogd
> > - ping
> > - ftp
> > - emacs
> > - apt-get
> > 
> > Some of those try to open a socket in /var/run/.nscd_socket (which 
> > does not exist). 
> > 
> > Some just segfault (emacs).
> are you sure these packages really are upgraded? it is possible apt stopped
> for some reason (some time) after libc was upgraded, and didn't install new
> versions of these packages. it's also possible your mirror doesn't have all
> new packages, that's the reason i've 3 mirrors in sources.list, try adding
> an other mirror (or ftp to a mirror by hand and look for new apt package).

Hmm. I checked the version of those packages on ftp.debian.org - they're all 
on the current version.

> since woody runs great for me with 2.2, i suspect these failing packages
> are just the old ones build for libc6 2.1.x

I would be really happy if it was that easy :-)

When was your last 'apt-get dist-upgrade'? I don't really know what's wrong
- and that worries me ...


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