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Re: Debian Package HOWTO. Who ?

Uhh... In my opinion...


>As a provocation it served its purpose. However I admit that I was unfair.
>But I still think that my question for a more in-depth HOWTO is a valid one

> Some people suggest that I should read the developer's or packaging
> manuals or even the source. But I am not a developer, and i have
> never succeeded in reading more than ten lines of someone else's
> C code if it goes beyond the 'hello world' level.

Imagine how self-righteous this sounds to a developer of Debian?  You freely 
admit you do not contribute to the Debian project and then raise the standard 
for the product they produce.  If it is so disagreeable a prospect to use 
Debian, then don't use it.  You seem to be intelligent, have a good writing 
style, and insight into the matter, perhaps you should do something about it?

> My aspiration level is to be an intelligent end-user, but still to
> use more of the possibilities than only 'apt-get install ...',
> without the permanent fear of creating chaos.
> egbert

You are weird.

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