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Re: exim and mtt probs continue

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 03:01:22PM -0000, John-Mark wrote:
> i continue to have problems setting up my email configuration. I have run eximconfig but have had trouble working out how to  answer some of the questions
> I am not sure what is meant by some of the terms i.e. what is my visible mail name. To be honest i have used the default settings to set up exim i have no idea in most cases whether this is correct. I am dialling up to my isp using pon, I can't fine where to set up the isp smtp info re sending mail. Fetchmail seems to be ok but where does it write the emails to. I have installed mutt but when i run it i get the message that there is no /var/spool/mail/jmj directory jmj being my user name. Apparently exim should set this up for me/ I am truly at a loss. Mutt is also supposed to make a file called .muttrc in my home directory but this does not exist, apparently without it i cant specify which MTA i am using. Is there a mutt configuration script.  If you have any idea how to proceed. If it would be easier to use another MTA i am happy to do so although i hear that exim is the best.

you don't need to tell your mta to mutt, it's just standard sendmail compatible.
.muttrc is usually not created by mutt, you can do it yourself and put some relevant
options in it. system wide config is in /etc/Muttrc for mutt. mutt hasn't anything to
do with sending mail, at least not more then composing it and pasing it to exim.
the visible mail name can be set to some subdomain you get mail for, or change the
from address in mutt so the visible mail name will not be used by mutt.

man 5 muttrc for more info about .muttrc and /etc/Muttrc (same format, last one just
system wide, .muttrc system specific).
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