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Re: help on linux

> vivek shetty wrote:
> I bought a Linux CD containing Red Hat Linux 5.2. I like Linux &
> therefore decided to install it. I ran fips & a new partition was
> created. Then as mentioned in the mannual I rebooted the system
> with the Linux boot disk inside, it started the process. But for
> some reason I had to go out so I aborted it. The next time I tried
> doing it nothing happened, it straight went into windows. I tried
> this a number of times, but still nothing happened. Then I tried
> rebooting with Windows 98 Startup disk, still it normally went
> into windows. What could be the problem?

This is not the redhat mail list.  You might want to direct your
questions to their list or use their tech support since you paid for
it.  The way you have things set up for the moment you will have to
use the boot disk you made for redhat to boot into redhat.  To boot
off the hard drive you can add a boot manager such as "lilo."  This
will give you the option of booting into redhat or windows.  See
"man lilo" for more details.

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