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Re: /dev/dsp and the audio group

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 11:15:19AM +0100, Alessandro Amici wrote:
> hi,
> I installed potato and now upgraded to 2.2r1 and have a problem with
> sound.
> permissions of the /dev/dsp* devices are crw-rw---- and ownership is
> root.audio.
> this seem to be sane if as a counterpart audio applications were owned
> by root.audio and set sgid, but this is not the case!
> I checked mpg123 and xmms, they are all not able to write to /dev/dsp*
> devices.

no, the idea behind root.audio 0660 permissions is to restrict access
to the sound hardware only to trusted users, otherwise any bozo with a
shell account can play any sound they want which could be potentially

the proper solution is to add yourself to group audio:

adduser me audio

> changing owner and permissions everything works.

don't do that, add yourself to group audio instead.

> did I mess up something in the installation?

depends what permissions you used.  

> is there a standard way to make all audio apps working properly?

yes, add yourself to group audio

Ethan Benson

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