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Kernel 2.0.34 -> 2.2.17?

I seem to need to finally upgrade my kernel to 2.2.17. I have been
posponding this as long as possible, not because of the fine Debian
upgrade package, but because of expected networking trouble whilst 
having to part with ipmasq. 
Now it seems I need to take the dive (In comes the first
Win2000 box, so I need to upgrade Samba which does no longer run on 2.0

I have a Linux 2.2 (upgraded from 2.1 apart from the kernel) box that 
has a cable modem on eth0 (DHCP) and a LAN on eth1 ( 
I have miraculously managed to get ipmasqing to work a year or two ago. 
Does anyone have any suggestions to what I have to expect (and do) if 
I download the 2.2.17 source and compile that on this box? Files to 
change, settings to make (docs to read ;-)).

Thanks a great deal!

  Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen@avondel.nl>

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