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Re: Problems with Matrox G400 AGP

> 	Dear all.
> 	I've just bought a new computer and I've choosen a Matrox
> 	Millennium G400 AGP card (as they're one of the most open
> 	source friendly companies out there).

i'm using one as well, which is working beautifully (dual-head, and all). i
found dri to be a source of troubles under X4 (it won't work with dual-head).

the fact that you're also having troubles with the matrox framebuffer
indicates a problem with the hardware. in the same way linux seems to catch
memory areas more, due to its aggressive use of swap - the same might be true
of its video access (i'm not entirely sure, to tell you the truth :) following
up the other posters hint that your motherboard might conflict with your video
card would be a good idea.


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