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Re: Simple question

In a galaxy not too far away, Salvador Petit Marti spoke on Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 09:24:48AM +0100:
> Sorry, I am a newbie in debian mailing lists...
> Is debian-user a good place to ask questions about usability/problems with 
> woody? or there is another place?. I am subscribed to debian-testing but it 
> does not appear to have any traffic...
> Anyway, I am in woody cause of kde2. However, my current graphics hardware 
there is also kde2 for potato, you might want to use the following line in
	deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato kde2


> (ViRGE GX/2 + SMP) seems not to be supported very well by XFree 4.0. I would
> like to maintain the previous release of XFree (3.3.6) but the problems are:
> 1º KDE2 _depends_ on XFree > 4.0 ¿Is this dependence correct? I kept back the 
> xserver-svga 3.3.6 and KDE2 runs fine but dselect gets crazy.
> 2º It is planned in woody to support the old version of XFree?. Now there is 
> only a xserver-common-v3 incompatible with most X packages.
> Thanks,
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