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Re: CISCO --> debian tool(s)

Debian Ghost wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> I was wondering if there were any debian tools used for working with Cisco
> routers and/or other Cisco gear. I was thinking about things like
> analytical tools and configuration tools. Mainly I am interested in
> anything that is happening now and/or being developed.
> Any info much appriciated!
> D. Ghost
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I know that cisco has a product that work on solaris and NT, not yet on linux
but they are working on it.
Actually i use minicom to configure debug and monitor what's happening on my
ciscos and i'm really glad about it. ;o)
To monitor cisco routers and/or NAS, you can use rrdtool and mrtg to get info
about bandwith, and snmp to reconfigure the cisco on the fly (for example in
combination with lids).


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