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Supporting non-english (was: Re: Quiero saber si...)

Hi Debians!

This message is cross posted to debian-devel, debian-user and Miquel who posted the original message.

Hi debian-devel:
>From time to time a message in a foreign (as opposed to english) language lands into the deb-user list and mostly nothing happens. I think that this could change if:

i) it was possible to choose language in the install process
ii) there where pointers in many languages of how to change this


Hi Debian-users:
Miquel wondered if it's possible to work entierly in spanish in Debian, since I can't answer his question I'm translaiting it and will translate an answer back to him.

Miquel wrote (my interpretation):
In short, he wonders of documentation in spanish.


Hola Miquel:

El lenguage para esta lista de e-mail es ingles. Yo he tratado de traduir tu pregunta. (como notas el espanol no es mi language mejor) Cuando llega una respuesta te la mando. Pero si sabes ingles, sera mejor si tu escribes tu pregunta otra ves.


On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 06:36:55PM +0100, Miquel Segovia Aparicio wrote:
> Ante todo saludos Cordiales.
> Tambien si es fácil, porque hay un itinerario o guía, para inexperto y sin ni Estudios Primarios.
> Salut i Agro Eco Bellvitge

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