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Re: installing netscape

Neither navigator nor communicator are part of Debian proper, so won't be
on the CDs--they're not DFSG free, so are in the non-free section
(which is not officially supported by or officially part of Debian).  Some
vendors include a non-free CD, but a good portion do not.  Once you set up
apt for ftp/http, assuming you answered the non-free question in setup so
that you could get non-free, just apt-get it.

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:

> Hi!
> >If you want Netscape 4, do "apt-get install navigator".  The navigator package
> >is a meta package that depends on all the real netscape packages.
> Does this apply to the potato CD? I intended to install Netscape, but I
> only found Netscape3 in the CD and I didn't find any "Communicator". Does
> navigator exist in the potato CD? 
> Thanks in advance!!
> Marcelo
> _____________________
> Marcelo Chiapparini
> chiappa@centroin.com.br

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