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Re: rsync w/ssh

on Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 11:21:47AM -0700, Gary Hennigan (glhenni@sandia.gov) wrote:
> "Gary Hennigan" <glhenni@sandia.gov> writes:
> Forgot 4) Run ssh-add at the beginning of your login session.

Ok, can someone wap me with a cluestick here?  What's ssh-add do?  I
took a quick look at the manpage, but it's not immediately evident.  Is
it in any way analogous to, say, 'sudo -v', which will enable (or
update) the sudo timestamp to allow passwordless access to priviledged

> Unfortunately I'm not sure what you can do passwordless if you're
> talking about running stuff as a cron job. You may have to allow
> RhostsAuthentication in order for that to work, and that's not a very
> secure solution.
> Gary
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