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Re: old NIC

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 01:13:13PM +1100, Chris Kenrick wrote:

> Hopefully the isapnp methods described in later replies will work for you.
> If they don't, be careful with the IRQ selection.  In my experience modprobe
> will bomb if the IO address is wrong, but will 'work' if the IRQ  is
> wrong.  You will, however, get some weird error messages when trying to
> ping or whatever.  So if resorting to trial and error, do the IO address
> first,
> then the IRQ (there's not too many IRQs anyway...) :)

    Well, it's supposedly PNP, but I did a pnpdump -c, and I didn't see
anything for the NIC. *Mikey scratches head*


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