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Re: exim/mutt question.

On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 11:31:10PM +0100, Andreas Reuleaux wrote:
> Hi Debian users,
> my debian machine is only temporarily connected to the the Internet
> via ppp sand I am using a combination of exim/fetchmail/mutt/procmail.
> I found the question I have already asked and answerded in the exim
> FAQ:
>   Q1003: 
>     I want to rewrite local addresses in mail that goes to the
>     outside world, but not for messages that remain within the local
>     intranet.
> In other words (i.e. in my own words) I want mails that I send locally on
> my machine to appear as From: reuleaux@mousehouse.myhome.de whereas
> mails (written on the same machine) that go outside to appear as From:
> reuleaux@cs.tu-berlin.de (my university is my smarthost/ISP)
> The answer given in the exim FAQ seems rather complicated to me
> however: One should run two exims on one machine, one for the local
> and one for the outgoing mail.
> I tried two exims but somehow got stuck and I wonder if there isn't
> simpler solution having only one exim, can't for example mutt itself
> do this kind of conditional address rewriting?
you can try
send-hook !~t@mousehouse.myhome.de my_hdr From: reuleaux@cs.tu-berlin.de
in .muttrc
i haven't tried this now, maybe it needs some tweaking, but the idea should work
see muttrc(5) for more info on send-hook and it's regexps
> Has anyone successfully installed two exims on one machine, does
> anybody have a simpler solution than the one suggested above?
> Name:           Alson van der Meulen      <
> Personal:       alson@linuxfreak.nl       <
> School:       alson@gymnasiumleiden.nl    <
Nobody was using that file /vmunix, were they?

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