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exim/mutt question.

Hi Debian users,

my debian machine is only temporarily connected to the the Internet
via ppp sand I am using a combination of exim/fetchmail/mutt/procmail.

I found the question I have already asked and answerded in the exim

    I want to rewrite local addresses in mail that goes to the
    outside world, but not for messages that remain within the local

In other words (i.e. in my own words) I want mails that I send locally on
my machine to appear as From: reuleaux@mousehouse.myhome.de whereas
mails (written on the same machine) that go outside to appear as From:
reuleaux@cs.tu-berlin.de (my university is my smarthost/ISP)

The answer given in the exim FAQ seems rather complicated to me
however: One should run two exims on one machine, one for the local
and one for the outgoing mail.

I tried two exims but somehow got stuck and I wonder if there isn't
simpler solution having only one exim, can't for example mutt itself
do this kind of conditional address rewriting?

Has anyone successfully installed two exims on one machine, does
anybody have a simpler solution than the one suggested above?

Thanks, Andreas

Andreas Reuleaux

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