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Re: Debian Package HOWTO. Who ?

Egbert Bouwman writes:
> Looks like they adhere to the data hiding principle.

Everything needed to create debian packages and all existing documentation
on the package system is packaged and in the archive:

apt-get install task-debian-devel maint-guide debian-guide debian-policy \
doc-debian packaging-manual

man dpkg

man dselect

man apt

more /usr/share/doc/*

If you want to really dig in, install the sources and read them.

> What we need is a HOWTO-like document that explains everything about the
> files in the background: which file is read or written or updated in what
> way when you use any option or command.

Everything you need to create it is available from the archive.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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