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Re: NetBus?!

"Andre Berger" <uzscd5@uni-bonn.de> writes:
> I'm using potato and Helix-Gnome. I just installed nmap, and it gives
> me
> Starting nmap V. 2.12 by Fyodor (fyodor@dhp.com, www.insecure.org/nmap/)
> Interesting ports on localhost (
> Port    State       Protocol  Service
> 9       open        tcp        discard         
> 13      open        tcp        daytime         
> 22      open        tcp        ssh             
> 25      open        tcp        smtp            
> 37      open        tcp        time            
> 515     open        tcp        printer         
> 6000    open        tcp        X11             
> 12345   open        tcp        NetBus          
> Where can I look up what that means?

You can find out what process has a particular port open with the lsof
command. I think it's:

        lsof -i

for networking ports, but suggest "man lsof", or at least "lsof
--help" to be certain. And lsof is in it's own Debian package.


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