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Re: Okay who's this "H.C.Hsiang" <hchsiang@tpts4.seed.net.tw>?

>>>>> "vijay" == vijay  <vijay@linuxfreemail.com> writes:
    vijay> Well it is ok now. But it does teach people not to open attachments that they do not know about espcially when using M$ softwares. Atleast they should switch to some other MUAs as has been discussed in the list for the past few days or move over to better OS's(like gnu/linux). 
    vijay> BTW how many of you on this list use multiple oses on your desktop and which ones do you use and for what purposes. That should be an interesting one...:)

    My machine at work dual boots Debian and Redhat. I use Debian for
most of my work, which is writing C code for Solaris, thus my PC is
basically a glorified X-terminal (not really, because all the apps I
use - Emacs, Netscape, xterms - run locally, I just ssh to the Sun
boxes). I confess that I only installed RedHat on a small partition to
get the sound card configuration from 'sndconfig' (that was before it
entered woody). I'm thinking about ditching it, but on second thought
I guess I would like to keep my RPM skills up to date.
    I gave up using my PC at home since I married.

    Oh yeah, I've been MS-free for one and a half year now.


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