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bookmarker/PHP/MySQL problem

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Greetings --

I use the bookmarker deb to store my web bookmarks, because I was
already running a local webserver, and it seemed like the best
solution to the "where did I bookmark that site" problem when bouncing
around (as I currently am) between Netscape, Mozilla M18, Mozilla
nightly builds, Galeon, SkipStone, etc., etc.

Everything was working fine until earlier this week, when bookmarker
stopped working, giving the error message:

        Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function
        mysql_pconnect() in
        /var/www/bookmarker/lib/phplib/db_mysql.inc on line 73

I tried forcing the mysql.so library to load with a 'dl("mysql.so")'
in the bkprepend.inc file of bookmarker, but then I get:

        Fatal error: Unable to load dynamic library
        '/usr/lib/php3/apache/mysql.so' - undefined symbol: php3_ini
        in /var/www/bookmarker/lib/bkprepend.inc on line 25

Clearly, something is b0rken; the questions are (a) what?, (b) is this
a local (to me) issue, a package bug, or an upstream problem?, and (c)
[most importantly] how do I fix it? I'm pretty much clueless about
PHP (although I do know a thing or two about MySQL), so I'm not even
really sure where to start looking.

Suggestions and gifts of Clue are most welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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