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Re: changing window manager

On 2000-11-16 00:21:32, adam.edgar wrote:

> I recently upgraded to X4.01 and need to know where the default manager is
> set. i.e. I want to use gnome but the debian default is currently used.
> What file can I change. And can I not use "startx gnome-session" any more.

gdm+gnome session, modify $HOME/.gnomerc to something like:

export WINDOW_MANAGER=x-window-manager
exec gnome-session

gdm+x session or xdm, you would modify $HOME/.xsession to read
something like the above.

Either change x-window-manager to the window manager that you would
like to use (fvwm2), or set the system default (called
x-window-manager) via update-alternatives.

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