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Re: update packages without confusing apt

Florian Kessler <fke@sk-kessler.de> writes:

> but i have both, the isdn and pcmcia packages. However, this question is a
> more generally one.
> How can i update to a newer version than the one in potato, i.e. lilo (i
> need it for booting root-raid) without changing my sources.list  and
> confusing apt?

When I was using potato, I just downloaded the .deb packages via ftp, then did
a "dpkg -i <package names>".  It seemed to work fine with apt.  AFAIK, that
isn't the recommended way, though, since you'll have to handle dependencies

It's probably better to change your sources.list, install the packages you
want, and then change your sources.list back.


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