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Re: update packages without confusing apt

Am 15.11.2000 15:28 Uhr schrieb Gianluca Montecchi unter

> On Wed, 15 Nov 2000 15:20:49 Florian Kessler wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> i would like to update to kernel 2.4 within potato. To meet the
>> requirements
>> listed in in the file changes (kernel documentation), i have to download
>> some packages. How can i do this without confusing apt?
> The only problem I had is with modutils, that I must recompile from the
> sources, the other packages goes well with apt-get (I have not the pcmcia
> and isdn pakages anyway)
> bye
> Gianluca
Bona sera,  Gianluca

but i have both, the isdn and pcmcia packages. However, this question is a
more generally one.
How can i update to a newer version than the one in potato, i.e. lilo (i
need it for booting root-raid) without changing my sources.list  and
confusing apt?

grazie e ciao,

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