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Re: final help for build php4 with oci8 on debian

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 12:39:23PM +0100, Jaume Teixi wrote:

> After doing some improvements, finally I get this errors so its a
> libmm11-dev issue......

> as I explained before, I'm on potato, I've compiled libmm11-dev from
> source.....

Could you explain exactly what it is you are doing and why you think
libmm is at fault?

> /usr/src/php4-4.0.3pl1/ext/session/mod_mm.c:94: undefined reference to
> `mm_malloc'

This looks like you're not even linking with libmm, although since you
don't even provide the compilation command that generates the failure 
it's rather hard to tell.

Please, if you think you have found a fault in libmm could you file a
bug against the package (see bugs.debian.org for details) with
instructions for reproducing the bug.

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