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Re: Postscript printers

I remember reading that in the past 2-3 years, HP switched from true
Adobe Postscript to an inhouse Postscript emulation. I have an HP
Laserjet 4MPlus which has a Postscript SIMM that has Adobe Postscript
trademarks printed right on it (and the manual states that it's
Postscript is licensed from Adobe) and that's from maybe 4 years ago.

All Apple Laser Printers are (or at least used to be) Postscript and I
would imagine that they might still use true Adobe Postscript.
However, the truth is that HP has so much of the laser market, I'd be
quite surprised if their Postscript emulation was not extremely
competitive with Adobe's own product, but then again, stranger things
have happened.



Dave wrote:
> It seems like its getting hard to find a true Postscript printer -
> either Adobe has gotten too expensive for the manufacturers to license
> it, or the consumer market has given up on Postscript. The last
> Postscript printer I bought was an expensive Tektronix.
> - Dave Felt
> S.Salman Ahmed wrote:
> > >>>>> "BN" == Bob Nielsen <nielsen@oz.net> writes:
> >     BN>  It depends on what you mean by "true postscript".  Yes, the
> >     BN> 2100M is a PostScript printer, but uses a HP-developed emulation
> >     BN> rather than Adobe firmware.
> >     BN>
> > 
> > And a printer that uses Adobe firmware would likely be more expensive
> > than one that uses some type of emulation ?
> > Salman Ahmed
> > ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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