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X4 and DRI

Hello List,

I've recently upgraded to X4 and I'm having problems with DRI.  
I'm using a Matrox G400 and a 2.4.0-test5(from the woody .deb) kernel.

With the mesag3 package from woody installed, glxinfo shows direct
rendering is enabled but if I run some of the GL xscreensavers i.e.
superquadrics and lament, they appear to be using s/w rendering.  This
is in comparison to the old 3.3.6 + utah_glx combination which was much
faster and appeared to give higher quality too.

If I replace mesag3 with xlibmesa3, glxinfo shows that direct rendering
is not enabled but the screensavers run the same as with mesag3.

In /var/log/XFree86.0.log I found the line:-

(EE) MGA(0): [drm] MGADRIScreenInit failed (DRM version = 1.0.0,
expected 2.0.x).  Disabling DRI.

which looks like it might be the cause of the problem but if so, what do
I do about it?



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