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Re: Q: Procedure to follow w/Compiled apps?

On Monday 13 November 2000 02:43, Jonathan Gift wrote:
> Hi,
> I have two related question on procedure it would be great to have the
> answer to...
> 1. I have compiled and installed a new kernel. I'll keep the source in
> place for future work, but what of the org bzImage? Does one leave that in
> place as
> well or is it ok to remove it?

I REALLY recommend kernel-package.  It allows you to build your kernel as a 
regular user, and create a .deb package out of it.  Then you can install it 
as root on your machine and any others like it that you might be 

After installing it, cd to /usr/share/doc/kernel-package and zcat README.gz | 
more.  The quick-and-dirty usage instructions will be near the top of the 
document for easy reference.  

Also, if you use the default lilo.conf, there will be an optional entry for 
Linux.old, which will point to the most recently replaced kernel (although 
I'm not sure about it's associated modules).

Did you know that if you play a Windows 2000 cd backwards, you 
will hear the voice of Satan?

That's nothing!  If you play it forward, it'll install Windows 2000.

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