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Re: finding which package a file came with

less />>>>> "Virginie" == Virginie-ML  <virginieml@free.fr> writes:

    Virginie> On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 12:54:38PM -0200, Allan F. Caetano wrote:
    >> Or, for an even better option, install dlocate and run:
    >> $ dlocate -S <file>
    >> 'dlocate' is to 'dpkg' as 'locate' is to 'find' (roughly
    >> speaking), it performs all the search operations in the package
    >> database much faster than dpkg.

    Virginie> It looks fine but there is nothing in my apt-cache about this...
    Virginie> Is it in unstable contribs ? 

    Good question, I think I chanced upon it while browsing through
the available packages with 'aptitude'. I think it's in the main/utils
section of unstable, though.


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