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Re: Printer setup problem in potato

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 08:53:03AM +0100, Ascenso Gian Piero wrote:
> Hi,


> script. Everything goes well until I get to configuring and installing
> device driver modules into the kernel. I can't configure the lp module.

Try loading parport and parport_pc before lp.  They should be a bit further
down the list, and they should not, including lp, strictly need to be given

> The script asks me to write the module's parameters, but I've no idea

You should be able to give it no options -- just hitting enter works on my

> was correctly detected and configured. If I've got to give IRQ and DMA
> values, how should I determine them? Where should I look for?
These should be available for viewing in your BIOS setup.


ps.  Should a wishlist bug be filed against modprobe asking for it to detect
the special case of trying to load lp without parport loaded?

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