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Printer setup problem in potato

	I'm new to Linux and to Debian. I'm just switching from CorelLinux
to Debian 2.2, but I've got a problem with the installation dbootstrap
script. Everything goes well until I get to configuring and installing
device driver modules into the kernel. I can't configure the lp module.

The script asks me to write the module's parameters, but I've no idea
about what to write. It also warns me that if no parameters are given,
then all parports will be grabbed. I let the script to go on by just
hitting 'enter', but it fails giving me a message that either the device
is not there or the parameters are wrong.

Has anyone an idea about what I should write? In CorelLinux every device
was correctly detected and configured. If I've got to give IRQ and DMA
values, how should I determine them? Where should I look for?

Thanks in advance for helping.

Best wishes to all,

				Gian Piero

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