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Re: failed to connect port 25 (AGAIN!)


now I have removed postfix (/etc/init.d/postfix stop), the problem still
exists. Telnet exits with the error message 'Unable to connect to remote
host: No route to host'. 

I get this message only when I try to connect through port 25 (and that
is probably the reason postfix can not send mail).
Could this have something to do with firewalls? I have ip-masquerading
running, but when I do a 'ipchains -F forward' (that should disable
ipchains, me is told), the problem still exists. 

How do I solve it?


> > I have just installed Postfix mailerdeamon, and now I am unable to send
> > email out of the network. After searching, I discovered that I am also
> > unable to telnet to the smtp port of the delivery-mailserver. That is:
> > 
> > $ telnet mail.somewhere.nl 25
> > Trying 194....
> > 
> > and then it hangs. It is with every mailserver I tried. Other ports work
> > correct. What is going on? Has it something to do with my Postfix
> > configuration?

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