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Re: Q: pppd & providers

Clayton Stapleton writes:
> Entered pon and an error stating that in /etc/ppp/peer/provider the modem
> was wrong.

Please post the exact error.

> Modified that file with ttyS1 and 115200. Now when entering pon I get the
> dial tone but no dialing of the phone number.

Please post copies of /etc/chatscript/provider, /etc/ppp/peers/provider,
and the output of the plog command.

> Looking in the "provider" file again there is a"defaultroute" that needs
> defining.

It does not need defining and has nothing to do with your problem.

> Have no idea of what default route should be added to the system routing
> table

You don't need to add anything.  The defaultroute option tells pppd that
it is to add a default route via the ppp connection and the ISP's host once
the connection is up.

> who knows where this table is located

It is in the kernel. but you need not worry about it.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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