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Q: pppd & providers

Have Potato working and trying to use the dial-up
modem. Configured pppdconfig with no problems.
Entered pon and an error stating that in
/etc/ppp/peer/provider the modem was wrong.
Modified that file with ttyS1 and 115200. Now when
entering pon I get the dial tone but no dialing of the
phone number. Looking in the "provider" file again
there is a"defaultroute" that needs defining. Have
read the manual on pppd there is an entry as follows:
		Add a default route to the system
		routing table, using the peer as the
		gateway, when IPCP negotiation is
		successfully completed.
Have no idea of what default route should be added
to the system routing table ( who knows where this
table is located).

Clayton Stapleton
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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