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Re: sound-slot-0 not found

You can get rid of the message by adding

     alias sound-slot-0 off
     alias sound-service-0 off

to /etc/modutils/aliases, followed by running /sbin/update-modules. 
Dunno why you're seeing that if sound's actually working, tho... I've
only seen that message when no (configured) sound card was present, and
the kernel was compiled with sound support.

Good luck!

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 01:38:18PM +0100, Florian Reiser wrote:
> Hi guys,
> my computer gives the following error messages on boot time:
> sound-slot-0 not found
> sound-service-0 not found
> The curious is: my sound functions actually
> Can you give some help to solve this problem? Thnx
> Florian

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