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Q: Worried in Paris-Debian flaking out monitor?


I was fine running Linux at 1152x864 under Mandarke but since I've switched
to Debian and the same configuration, I've noticed the off monitor
weirdness... like a sudden flash of light on boot, then the sudden visual
"implosion" of my desktop screen, something which lasted a fraction of a sec
but shook me.

Here are my XF86Config settings. The figures are the monitor's own.

Section "Monitor"
   Identifier      "Primary Monitor"
   VendorName      "Iiyama"
   ModelName       "A701GT"
   HorizSync       27-96
   VertRefresh     50-160
   Modeline  "1152x864"  137.65 1152 1184 1312 1536 864 866 885
902 -hsync -vsync

I checked my monitor and it's running at:

h 89.5 KHz
v 99 Hz

Am I ok, just a coincidence?



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