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Re: desktop power managment

> I have a cheap MyFavoritePC celeron 400 with added ram and hard disk space.
>  It works pretty well and fast with Linux.
> One thing I haven't been able to get it to do is shutdown the computer and
> power it off.  I tried both kernel options for power down, both real mode,
> and real mode disabled.  I've looked at the halt command in the init
> scripts and it has the -p option passed to it.  I have no idea what's
> wrong.  The computer turns off correctly with Win 2k and win98.
Well for the shutdown thing, you'll have to recompile your kernel and enable APM support. In my case, I just selected 'APM support' itself in my kernel config file, and nothing else below that.

/etc/inittab will also let you modify the behavior of the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys. There's a line in there that reads something like 'shutdown -r bla bla'. Modify it to read 'shutdown -h bla bla bla'. -h is for HALT.


Joel Dinel

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