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Re: eGroups.com/group/newbieDoc [WAS newbiedoc.intranets.com]

On Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 08:41:11PM -0500, Chris Gray wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 12:43:54PM -0600, will trillich wrote:
> > you think YOU've got it bad? i'm using MAC netscape, and boy is
> > it ever screwy! i couldn't count how many times every day i get
> > text in my scrollbar, overlapping graphics, munged table
> > layouts... (but consider the alternative!)
> That's interesting, because I believe that junkbuster defaults to
> reporting that I'm using Mac Netscape as well.  I'll try it without
> junkbuster and see if I get any difference.  Why can't people just write
> good HTML like they used to? :)  Anyway, I'll take a screen capture and
> send it to them if I can reproduce it.

on your suggestion, we're moving newbieDoc volunteers to
http://www.eGroups.com/messages/newbieDoc to avoid the
javascript/frames hoo-hah.

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